Description of Art Museums

Museum, the place where there is collection of visual treats with added splendor and significance. The museums in other words can be stated as the care place for the objects which are scientific and historical in nature and are of great value and needs to be preserved with delicate care and vigilant security. The storing and safeguarding of these valuables are not the only function of the museum but is to project them to the public, so that they can come have a look at those spectacles live.

The Saatchi Gallery is one of the places in the world where you can see the list of museums which are present all around the world. This will serve as an index as to what you need to look for and where you need to look for the same. Now let us have a look of some of the world’s best museums which are of prime importance and showcases splendid objects.

The Museum Of Modern Art which is present at the dream city  New York showcases panoramic views of the modern art and all old paintings. It is the oldest museum in the world and was the first and foremost to project the modern art to the world. It has a wide range of the collection of paintings of some of the greatest painters the world has ever witnessed. Contemporary art is also present in this museum and has great collection of the same. This museum also records the count for the most number of visitors every year and hence has great appeal to the people of the United States of America.

The National Gallery which is present along the banks of the River Thames in London is an internationally recognized landmark and ahs special mention for the building and the paintings within it. This is the second best museum in the world and has finest collection of all arts. The Metropolitan Museum which is also present in the city of New York has art which dates back to 5000 years of culture. The significance of this wonderful museum is that it has all art works from all parts of the globe and hence is an excellent storehouse for this art work. The National Gallery of Art present in the Washington D.C is also another splendid museum which encompasses all arts and this museum was created specially for the people of the United States of America. Other important museums are the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angles, the Guggenheim Museum in the city of New York.